Charmed: The Coven of the Moon

Magic brought them together and is the only thing that keeps them together. Evil has returned en force. So powerful and plentiful, this evil requires more than just the Three Charmed Ones. A coven had been formed, a coven of Charmed Ones. This is the only thing they have in common. There are petty fights and disagreements all the time, but the rules are clear, you cannot use your powers against another of the Coven.

Two Halliwell cousins have found a new power, the power of Two, but they still need help.  They alone, do not have the ability to fight the evil to come.  Even through their own differences, Patience and Pandora Halliwell must join with others to help keep the balance between good and evil in balance.

We have vanquished our first 2 demons and are learning how to work together.  The closer we all get the better able we are to face the evils that hunt us down at every turn.

Come join us in the fight against Evil. Witches, Whitelighters, Demons, others to be determined by hosts. Powers must be approved by hosts.


Federation Sim Fleet

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