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Jesse and Abigail were attacked in Jesse's garden today.   After a struggle, Abigail attacked him with Jesse's dagger and Jesse followed up with Jesse altering rose bush thorns that pierced Kellum to the point of death.  The first vanquish accomplished by the new Coven wasn't a complicated one, but was a starting point for the Coven's evil-busting.

Entered By: Pandora Halliwell


Balthazar kidnapped and brutally terrorized Pandora.  He left a message at Jesse's Chateau in hopes of getting a chance to kill more than one of the witches at the same time.  Some of the coven witches made a potion and Patience wrote the spell that, in the end vanquished him.  We are hoping that the wording of the spell was precise enough, on this fourth attempt to vanquish him, to be rid of him forever.  

Both powerful and dangerous, this demonic Soldier of Fortune has destroyed countless witches, innocents and demons. As sinister as he is intelligent, he is not to be trusted. Belthazar's known abilities include throwing energy balls and shimmering place to place, but his powers are probably not limited to these capabilities.

Belthazor has a human form and, unlike most demons, he has a soul, which makes him a more powerful enemy because he understands humans better than most demons.

Entered By: Pandora Halliwell


Abraxas is a demon that dwells in the Astral Plane. He is known for turning a witch's magic against them by reversing past casted spells. He is able to open portals between the astral plane and the Earth plane. He was able to steal the Book of Shadows from the Charmed Ones, and started reversing spells, summoning Jeremy Burns the Warlock, Nicholas, and the Woogyman and them all to attack the Charmed Ones. He can emit powerful force blasts. The Charmed Ones vanquished Abraxas by drawing him to a place of power and harnessing the energy of the equinox by reciting the words to the incantation to unbind their powers.

Alchemists have the ability to transform anything, like water into gold and energy into matter, and can bring things back to life.Alchemist's ToolsEssence Bearer
An alchemist would use a bottle such as this to capture and/or store a Life Essence. A well-made life essence can
possess any living being but the essence is poisonous and will inevitably prove lethal to the being's host soul.Ifthealchemist chooses to include his own blood when making an essence, the essence will share the alchemist's powers.

Andras, the Spirit of Rage uses anger as a portal to enrage his victims until they commit a grievace act of violence. Although the rage leaves the victim after the act is committed, the violence usually serves a greater purpose, making Andras a powerful foe. The Spirit of Rage has used his abilities to make wars that lasted for decades.

Animal Men:
Animal Men are former animals turned into human men that possess enhance animalistic abilities. A snake, rabbit, and pig that were transformed into men by a spell. They were fully human at first but later developed animal traits as the spell began to wear off. For example the snake regained a long tongue, sharp teeth, and an ability to poison people. Though the animals were transformed into men they still retained animalistic characteristics in their personalities. The rabbit and snake men killed their pig companion, then blackmailed Phoebe Halliwell into making them real men permanently. The Charmed Ones made sure Inspector Morris captured the animal men and sent them to jail for life.


Anton is an immortal warlock with the ability to glamour. He has been existing since at least the beginning of the 1900’s. Anton was immortal and held three powers: glamouring, adjusting, and great strength. He also possessed a great knowledge of magic, fashioning a potion to triple the flamethrowing power of his lover and soulmate, P. Russell, and obtaining an amulet capable of deflecting all magical attacks. In 1924 Anton seduced P. Russell, a Witch, and turned her against her cousins. The two tried to kill them, but failed, and instead it was the cousins who cursed and killed Russell. Anton also attempted to switch the souls of Russell and her future incarnation, Phoebe Halliwell, but was seemingly vanquished by The Charmed Ones. Whether he has really been destroyed remains to be seen.

This lower-level demon has the power to sense great power and can track powerful magical beings. He seeks to use his sensing ability to locate a powerful being who can help him gain great power. He also has the lethal power of strangulation.

This warlock traveled back from the future and teamed up with his present self to use his knowledge of future magic to steal the Halliwells' Book of Shadows in order to rule the Underworld.


A banshee is a demon who wanders the Earth feeding on souls in great pain. Hunting only at night, this demon uses her voice as a high-pitched call to locate a victim by hearing the inner cry. She does this by honing in on the waves of pain that emanate from the stricken. When she locates the victim, her cry turns into a lethal scream which causes a person's blood vessels to burst. When a banshee targets her scream at a witch, it turns the witch into a banshee.


Barbas, the demon of fear, appears once every thirteen hundred years on Friday the thirteenth. He feeds on young witches for his survival. Entrapped in the Underworld, Barbas must kill thirteen unmarried witches before midnight so that he might be freed to wreak his havoc every day. He kills witches by making their worst fears come to pass and literally scaring them to death.

While in Purgatory, Barbas gained the ability to astral project and used his new ability to plant thoughts in Cole's mind, making him fear his new powers. Eventually he managed to fuel Cole's fear enough that Cole stripped his powers and Barbas absorbed them, allowing Barbas to emerge from Purgatory permanently

Bounty Hunters:

Driven by greed, these heartless, low-level demons will stop at nothing to collect their bounty. They have the power to fire energy balls and/or lightning bolts and can materialize at will. Bounty hunters track down fugitive demons, but if the price is right they will go after anyone.

Brotherhood of Thorn:

The Brotherhood of the Thorn is a very exclusive niche of the demonic community. The members are handpicked by the Source and must take a blood oath upon admittance.


Chameleons are shapeshifting demons that have the ability to turn into any object, and therefore are useful for obtaining information without being detected. These demons also have the ability to regenerate their extremities and to travel by shimmering.


These warlocks have strange needle-like fingers which they insert into people's brains and gain information quickly. After a collector's attack, the person will lose at least part his memory and become catatonic. Collectors can also restore the information they take away, which will revive the person.

The collectors' greatest weakness is their thirst for knowledge.

The Council (Triad):

The Council is a high-ranking group of demons who are responsible for organizing attacks on specific individuals. Usually, they assign lower-level demons to do the work for them.

Creeper Demons:

Creeper demons cloak themselves in the shadows and prey upon spirits. Vanquishing a leader of these demons vanquishes his entire clan.

The Crone:

The Crone is a well known and respected advisor of evil whose ability to forsee the future makes her valuable. Heard of more than some she is an upper level demon who possesses upper level demnic powers. A upper level demonic vanquishing spell will kill her.

Cronyn & Doris:

A sorceror, Cronyn learned of a prophecy from his mentor of a twice-blessed child that would be born on a special day when all magic would cease to exist in the world. He came to realize that Piper was carrying this twice-blessed child, and with the help of a female demon who called herseld Doris, he managed to isolate Piper while she was in labor, hoping to kidnap the child and raise it to be a powerful force for evil.


In the 16th century, Cryto, the demon of vanity, traveled from dukedom to dukedom, preying on people's vanity, bestowing youth and and beauty in exchange for their souls. Cryto was found out and skinned alive by a group of witches who believed it would keep his spirit from ever being resurrected again.


Dantalian is a dark priestess that is a high-ranking evil dignitary with the dangerous ability to shield her activities from the forces of good. She possessed great magical skill and power, as well as the ability to teleport. For a short time, she was able to steal and wield the Halliwell Book Of Shadows, but the sisters were able to break the Unholy Union she had created between Prue and Zile, returning the book to good. The Charmed Ones vanquished Dantalion.


Devlin is a warlock that led a warlock faction. He was able to steal the Ring of Inspiration to have his fellow warlocks aid him in ruling the Underworld. The Charmed Ones were able to stop him, recovering the appropriated Ring Of Inspiration, and finishing him with the Warlock Vanquishing Spell.

Dream Sorcerer:

The Dream Sorcerer is actually a mortal scientist, Whitaker Berman, who used technology to invade the dreams of others. While inside the dream of another he was able to control it absolutely. When he killed people in their dreams they died in reality. Prue, with the support of her sisters, fought and killed him after he invaded her dreams.


Eames is an infamous warlock that is a powerful threat to witches and even whitelighters. Eames has collected the powers of cloning, transmogrification, energy/fire-projection, and blinking. In 1991, Eames murdered a witch in Glasgow, Scotland, and stole the cloning power. In 1989, Eames killed a witch in Nairobi, Kenya and stole the power of transmogrification. He also acquired the abilities of a darklighter and whitelighter. With these abilities Eames hoped to enter the Whitelighters celestial haven, accessible only by the power to orb, and slaughter all he encountered. The Charmed Ones, and Leo, broke the Whitelighter rules and vanquished him by ambush when he arrived. They first impaled him on a Darklighter arrow, the poison of which he was now vulnerable to because of the Whitelighter powers he absorbed, and then cast a spell that was recited by each of the Halliwell sisters, one line at a time.

The Evil Enchantress:

The Evil Enchantress is a powerful and determined enchantress that is past incarnation of Paige Matthews. This powerful enchantress lived many centuries ago and could control the elements. Defiant, clever and independent, she came into the craft late in life but learned to use it quickly. Using her dark magic, the enchantress cast a love spell on an unsuspecting prince in effort to trick the prince into marrying her so that she may rule his kingdom. The Enchantress sought to rule a kingdom, and planned to cast a love spell on him, forcing him to marry and impregnate her, after which time she could kill him and rule in his place. To pull this off she needed to wait for a sign that her powers were at their darkest, the shape of a prince in the stars. When the Enchantress saw this she locked up The Prince’s true love, Lady Julia, and cast her spell, making him love her. Though her plan was impressive the Enchantress had not counted on the intervention of The Charmed Ones, including her future self Paige Halliwell. The sisters bound her powers preventing the dark future she envisioned from coming to be, and forcing her to live out that life as a mortal.

Executioner Demons:

Minions of a low order. Demonic mercenaries incapable of original thoughts or deed. Usually found in the employ of higher level demons or mortals proficient in dark arts. Vanquishable with own weapons or a spectrum of valerian potions.


Furies are demons who punish evil doers. They don't care how evil the deed was, they just punish. To kill their victims they breathe out a gas into their mouth. If a good witch breathes in this gas, she is turned into a Fury.


A Demon from the future makes the Halliwells life heavy. He tries try to kill peoples by the view of his third eye, he has on the forehead carries to kill, because he wants to prevent that one will develop the serum in the futureagainst him and all Demons. Its weak point is its eye and thusexists a possibility it to destroy, if one meets this.


Underground demons who roam city to city killing powerful forces of good by seeing the unique auras that surround them. Which they're able to do by stealing the sight of innocent children.The stolen eyesight will only last twenty-four hours but only if the children are alive. The Book of Shadows said the only way to kill a grimlock is to blind it with a potion made from chisandra root.


Guardians steal innocent souls. They leave a mark on the forehead of their killings. Guardians help criminals spreading evil. Their weak spot is the mark on their forehead. You can easily kill them by staking them like a vampire. You just have to hit the mark.


A Harpy is a very powerful demon, who is immune to a witch's powers. This Harpy tries to kill Piper with energy bolts. She is vanquished by the Power of Three.

Heate (Hecate):

Queen of the underworld, Hecate comes to Earth every two hundred years, seeking to marry an innocent human in order to give birth to a normal-looking demon child who will wreck havov on the world. Although attended by savage demon birdesmaids. Hecate is vanquished by the power of true love - that gets a little boost from the Power of Three.


Jarec is not only known for killing witches, but also especially for mummifying their dead bodies. He is desperately searching for a suitable body to host the spirit of his lover Isis. Jarec is vanquished by Piper.


Javna feeds one week out of every year, stealing the life force from the young. By evoking the black magic power, the evil eye to sustain eternal youth. The hand of Fatimat it’s the only way to stop Javna. The profet Mohamed invocted centuries to banish Javna back to where ever he came from.

Jeremy Burns:

Jeremy Burns was a warlock that has been known to kill his witch lovers to gain their powers. He poses as a reporter, tricking Piper Halliwell into dating him. His goal was to kill Halliwell Sisters and gain their powers. He had been watching the sisters for some time and knew that their bound powers would be released when Grams' died. He is a low-level warlock, for he has stolen the power of pyrokinesis, telekinesis, and adjust. Jeremy had revealed himself to Piper and the Halliwell sisters, and they vanquished him, not before he told them about all the other evils out there in the world. Jeremy had returned by the help of Abraxas, but was vanquished once again.


A spirit sorceress cursed in her own dimension. Kali lives in the mirros reflection. Where she appears to tempt innocentrs to do her bidding. Hoping to gain the power of good witches by turning them to evil. Kali takes possession of young Aviva, but is destroyed when Phoebe shatters the mirror holding Kalis reflection.


Krell is a bounty hunter. He's after Balthazor, because he killed the Triad. The demon has the power to throw lightning (like the ghost did in "Reckless Abandon")

Lazarus Demon:

A Lazarus demon is very dangerous, because he can only be fully vanquished by burying him in a graveyard. He is ordered by Cole to attack the Charmed ones, so Cole can fulfill his evil plans without being detected.


A hellspawn collector
A keeper of souls –
Give him his due
He’ll accomplish your goal.

As a personal addition:
Masselin makes deals with people, promising them their desires in return for innocent souls. Trapped within the demon, the unfortunates are kept alive, their souls tortured for the pleasure he gets from their suffering. The demon seeks willing, trusting souls, delivered by the one who sealed the pact.


Necron is a skeletal being. He feeds on the life force of other beings. To become alive he needs the immortal sould of a Mermaid. Necron has the power to throw lightning and to drain life force. He is vanquished by the Power of Three.


Psyches is a demon like Balthazor. He can also shimmer and throw energy balls. Psyches wants to kill as many good witches as he can, in order to climb up in Hirarchy, and thus to follow in his mentors (Balthazor) footsteps.


Ronan is a tracker demon. Tracker demons are stronger and more powerful that the normal Darklighters. They go after Whitelighters who are about to lose their wings.

Sea Hag:

The Sea Hag has control over the elements. She can summon tidal waves and rain storms. To be spared by Necron she promised him to deliver the immortal soul of a Mermaid. She is vanquished by Pheobe.

The Seer:

The Seer gives advice to The Source. Her power is to see into the future, but better than the Oracle or Phoebe do.

Seeker Demons:

These are Vampire-like creatures who suck the victims brain stem in order to get information. The Seekers try to get information on Balthazor, but they are vanquished by the Charmed Ones.

Shaks (Shax):

He is the Source's personal assasin. Shaks is ordered to kill a doctor, who saved too many good persons. Shaks appears with the wind and can only be vanquished by the Power of Three. He is responsible for the death of Prue Halliwell.

Shape Shifters:

Like the name say, Shape-shifters are kreatures, who shift into everybody they’d like (f. e. Victor Halliwell or Andy) and their limbs for example into a key. So they try to get the Halliwell sisters confidence to get the Book of Shadows. They give a party to get into the Hallwell house. They can also shift in animals like dogs, crows and try so to get the book. But it doesn't work, because only the Charmed Ones can take the book out of the house.

Shocker Demon:

The Shocker demon is made of pure energy. He can be in every circuit line or electrical device and he has the power of shooting electrical charges.


The Sirene once had a relation with a married man. She was punished for breaking up the couple. From then on she was doomed to break up married couples by seducing the men and letting their wifes watch them die and afterwards being burnt to death. The Siren is vanquished by Leo.

Soul Ferrying Demon:

A beautiful yet evil demon, the soul ferrier seeks the souls of witches, and empower mortal ghosts with special abilities to help her gain those souls. Phoebe and Prue outsmart the ferriers ghostly pan, a former conviet from Alcatraz, but the ferrier threatens to return someday.

The Source:

He is the Source of all evil, it's King. Only upper level demons may report to The Source. He has the powers to manipulate people, control them, fire energy and to read other's souls. He wants to break the Charmed circle again by luring Paige onto his side.


If a witch says itself loosely of all her human emotions and if they close a pact with the darkness at itself from dear grief to protect, she becomes a Socubus, a sexpossessd devil. It is to be nourished constantly on the search for young men your charm expired around itself with the help of their tongue by Testosteron of their victims. You only can destroy it when she burns.

The Triad:

The Council is a high-ranking group of demons who are responsible for organizing attacks on specific individuals. Usually, they assign lower-level demons to do the work for them.


The Wendigo is a non-dead creature that roams the earth destroying the good-hearted and those in love. His fate is to wander the Earth feasting on human hearts.  The first Wendigo was a mortal who was betrayed by his sweetheart.  In revenge for the treachery, he slew his
love and ate her heart. Rather than savor the warmth of revenge, his heart was in turn, turned to ice.  During daylight hours, and the phases of the moon, the Wendigo looks as you
or I.  Beware the Wendigo on the three days of the full moon when his power and appetite are greatest.  Beware being attacked by the Wendigo.  He duplicates himself by attacking but not killing his prey.

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