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Charm of Love:  

3 Sticks Cinnamon
4 Shelled Peas
1 tsp. Anise Oil
1 tsp. Pepper Red
3 tsp. Sweet Almond Oil
3tsp. Honey
Rose Petals from 5 Roses
Pinch of Catnip
2 Drops Musk Oil
1 Strand of Conjurer's Hair

To Break the Bond of Love:
Place a basket and a poppet on a table encircled by 9 candles anointed with oils and spices. The candles may vary in shape and size. (this is a ritual)

To Call forth an ancestor:
Drips of Blood from a family member in a cauldron

To Destroy a Grimlock:
Main Ingredient: Schisnadra Root (Potion will turn out liquidy and green)

To Lure an Evil Spirit:
Potion: Mix an equal amount of Mercury and Acid with the blood of one of the spirit's victims

To Send Cupid Home:
Ingredients: Desire, Lavender, oysters, rosemary, chocolate, basic Karis root compound

To Vanquish a Ghost:
Boil a Mandrake root and herb (pour over the ghost's bones)

To Dehumanise Animal Men:
Ingredients: Salt of Life, A pouch filled with feathers and herbs

To separate a witch from her powers:
Ingredients: Boil the blackest lead, gypsy blood, a mandrakes head, henbane, datura, nux (an oil), hemlock root

To Vanquish Belthazar:
Ingredients: Boil cockleshells, pig’s foot, crickets, elm bark, and mandrake root

To Call a Lost Witch:
Ingredients: A pinch of Rosemary, A Sprig of cypress, a yarrow root. Grind with a pestle and add spill the blood of the caller

Potion Tip From Grams:
When using a Mandrake root, cut of the tip to reveal the meat so it will work properly

To summon a Witch Doctor:
Ingredients: Liverwort, a pinch of dragon root, and snakeskin

To vanquish the Necromancer:
Ingredients: Dragon Root, Eel skin, and blood wort.

Belthazar Vanquish:

Mix a potion of toadflax, cardamom, carrot seeds, mandrake root, pigs feet, crickets, cockleshells, and a piece of the demon's flesh. After the potion is finished, recite the chant.

To Vanquish Masselin:

A potion to vanish
To rid his foul purpose,
His power infernal,
Are boiled with these ingredients
A solution of Myrrh bark,
Mixed with Elecampane
Along with ---- Brown Rice
In Water to finish.
Combine those together
Blend them at once
Contribute Copper Leather
Your task is almost done.
The Demon must drink this
To relinquish his victims
To conquer his final breath
Is his -----------.

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